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Update from Archives – Edmonton Area

October 2018

Check out this article from the archives committee!

History of the Edmonton Area Guide Office Locations

Archives Resources

Did you know Archives has a lending library? There are three shelves of resource material – much of the material is dated -after all we are the archives.

Many song books and other Guiding books. Some titles:

  • Geological Wonders of Alberta
  • Kids Outdoors
  • Kids Campfire Book
  • Improve your Survival Skills
  • Compass Activities
  • Clouds on the Clothesline and 200 Other Great Games
  • Kids Cottage Book

If you want to sign out any books it is totally on the honour system if there is no sign out card please remember to return the book to the library.

We also have a few Canadian flags of various sizes we would like to give away too. They are on the desk under the window.

The Archives Committee is in the office on Thursdays between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. please feel free to drop in and see us.

We have also donated a number of badges to the trader box in the office as we have many duplicates.

The committee has a large collection of camp crafts and miscellaneous craft material that is in a box labelled “Give Away” on the desk. Please help yourself!!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our Archives and we look forward to receiving more donations.