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Report - March 2019

Greetings Campers!

It won’t be long now, until the snow is gone.  While we still have some, let the girls explore the wonder of a snowflake.  Glue black felt onto cardboard from your recycle bin.  Before planning to go out, put the felted cardboard outside to get nice and cold, or place in the freezer for an hour.  Walk around outside while it’s snowing, and catch the snowflakes on the felt.  Because the felted cardboard is cold, the snowflakes won’t melt right away and you can view them closely with a magnifying glass to study the intricate designs.  Each one is unique!

There is a neat article at about building a snow fort/trench.  Check out the link below:

Upcoming events

Outdoor Cooking Skills – Saturday, April 27th, for Guiders and Rangers.  Explore different ways of cooking meals at camps, plus sample the variety of menu items.  Area is providing a bus, but if driving out, please please please carpool.

Cost is $25 per person.  We are looking for staff help on the day – are you a ‘well seasoned’ cook able to share your skills?

Guides in the City – Saturday, June 8th.  Guide units can register to attend this yearly event of outdoor activities at Hawrelak Park.  Cost is $10/guide, to cover the cost of a crest, park booking and program supplies.


Submitted by:   Tiger Rousseau, Camping Adviser

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