There are two GST rebates available to units:

1. 50% rebate for everyday expenses

2. Camp/Event Rebate


The 50% rebate for everyday expenses uses the Alberta Council 10 form titled ‘GST Rebate Claim Form’. The form can be found here (click) and is submitted directly to Edmonton Area along with copies or originals of the receipts. Leave a copy or the original receipts with the unit books for future reference.

Don’t forget to include the GST number for each transaction on the form (circled in red – click here). If it is not on the receipt itself, contact the company to request the number. All companies are required by law to provide this number – it is not a secret number.

The unit will receive 50% of the GST paid on all receipts. This rebate comes back to Edmonton Area for disbursement. Receipts should be submitted yearly and claims can go back four years if not previously done. The 50% rebate can now be claimed on the Camp/Event Rebate Form which makes submitting even easier. This is money that we are able to claim because of our non-profit status so take advantage of it.


The Camp/Event Rebate is for camps or events where a fee is charged. A camp is anything that includes overnight supervision. An event is classified as a training workshop (or similar event) and celebratory events (like a rally). This does not include regular activities such as a field trip to the museum.

If a fee was not charged for a camp/event, this form does not need to be completed and the expenses can be claimed for the 50% rebate. Only claim the GST from fees actually paid by parents/guardians.

The form can be found on the National Forms website page – look for “Finance” and “GST/HST Booklet” – the form is on page nine. A fillable excel form can also be found on the Provincial Forms page – look for “Financial Forms” and “Alberta Girl Guides GST Rebate Form”. Be sure to indicate which receipts are for the camp and which are for the 50% rebate if including both types of expenses.

Submit this form to Hazel at the Area Office.

Calculating the GST collected:

if your fee does not include GST use line 1 (click here to view)
if your fee does include GST use line 2 (click here to view)
follow the instructions on the line and pay particular attention to the asterisks
if using the fillable excel form, the GST collected will automatically calculate if you use the correct line
All the expenses that were incurred for this camp/event are recorded
in section 3.  (click here to view)

Any GST paid to any level of Guiding cannot be claimed as it is considered an internal transaction. Include the receipt totals and GST paid at the bottom on the Totals line. (see above – circled in red).

The last line of the form is the net payment. This line is calculated by taking the GST collected minus the GST paid on expenses. If this number is positive, the GST has to be  forwarded to the Edmonton Area office. This payment can be made in the form of cash or cheque payable to Girl Guides of Canada—Edmonton Area. If this number is negative, indicate this with a negative sign or parenthesis around the number, and the unit will receive a refund. This refund comes to Edmonton Area for reimbursement.

Important note: don’t use tape or highlighter on your receipts. They react with the ink and could make them illegible. If the date, GST number or GST amount are illegible, they cannot be used and will be rejected from your claim!