Welcome to the O.W.L.S Nest nature centre!

This is the resource page for the Outdoor Wonder and Learning Station at Sandy Lake Beach campsite. This nature centre and the activities therein, are designed to help our Girl Guide units in Edmonton Area discover the many beauties and just plain cool surprises outdoors that our campsite area has to share.


The collection of possible activities on the O.W.L.S Nest page will continue to grow, so please visit from time to time and see what’s new! Categories to explore will eventually include:

Bugs & Butterflies


Nature Art


Plants & Trees


E 001 MAGIC EYE!   Sensory Awareness click here

E 002 The 100 INCH HIKE!   click here

E 003 PAINT CHIP HIKE!   click here

E 004 DO YOU SEE? We often look, but do we SEE? click here

E 005 ROCK ON!  click here


To book the O.W.L.S Nest Nature Center key please visit the Resources page here and fill out the Resources Booking Form.